Hole 13 - Spion Kop




  • White tees - 445 yards
  • Yellow tees -  445 yards
  • Red tees - 442 yards

Par and stoke index

  • White and yellow tees - par 4, stroke index 10
  • Red tee - par 4. stroke index 3


Suggestions for playing the hole

Firstly enjoy the panoramic view.

This spectacular hole plays shorter than it's yardage. For the longer hitters the best line is the block of flats in the distance (it is easier to focus on than the marker post).

There is a railway sleeper wall at the front of the green (facing away from you) so running the ball in can be unpredictable. Balls falling short will kick from right to left.

This newly drained green is flat.

The 14th tee is behind the green.

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